TODDLERS (1 - 2 Years)

Although these little ones are growing in confidence and skills, we know they are still babies, so our experienced and compassionate educators are attentive, comforting and listening at their level. We have so much fun with singing sessions, story time, science, craft time, sand and water play. 



Our program is based on the children's interests and their developmental milestones. Our approach to play based learning indulges in discovery, exploration and investigation. By building on each child's interests, we can extend their learning through a range of indoor and outdoor activities throughout the day.

Our educators encourage imagination through art to express emotions and ideas. From drawing and painting to music, dancing and theatrical performance, our activities help promote creative thinking and personal expression.  With a variety of craft, books, construction, puzzles and natural materials, their language, literacy and numeracy experiences are integrated through every aspect of their daily journey.

We aim to further promote the children's self-help skills and sense of agency within the daily routine by encouraging the children to wash their hands and faces, hand out water bottles and dress themselves.


Our days involve:

  • Sleepy Time
  • Nutritious Meals and Feeding
  • Story Time
  • Daily Discovery
  • Active Play


  • Creative Expression
  • Free play
  • Music
  • Our Environment
  • Our Community