BABY (3 months +)

We understand how making the decision to leave a baby in childcare can fill any parent with a huge array of mixed emotions. We want you to feel supported, comfortable and confident in your decision to bring your baby to Sentia. We take our role in caring for your baby very seriously.

The early foundations are paramount to your child’s development and learning. We know this is a time for nurturing, loving care, consistency and instilling a strong sense of trust and security.

Babies need consistent, predictable care. It helps them form secure attachments to their caregivers. This can only be achieved with staff who have a genuine warmth, are sensitive to an infant’s needs and are highly qualified and experienced in their field.

We support each parent to transition their baby into our care with familiarisation sessions and by playing an active role in learning about your family and home environment. This helps maintain consistent sleep and feeding routines between home and Sentia.  Best of all, we are close to your place of work or study and are always just a phone call away. It takes a village to raise a child and we are proud to be part of your village.



Our program in the babies' room is to respect and follow each child's own routine, and to provide a safe and secure environment that allows for their social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. We also use the children's interests to help shape the intentional and spontaneous teaching aspect to the program.

Providing both calm and stimulating environments without feeling overwhelmed is crucial for times when babies require rest, gentle play or safe exploration.


‘Where discovery and development is nurtured by safety and security”


The educators are the main resource in the nursery. Our approach is to treat every child according to their needs. Their learning is engaged as they become more confident in doing things for themselves. Our furniture designed for the babies to sit upright in a group environment to replicate meal times with the family at home. 

Our days involve:

  • Sleep Time
  • Nutritious Meals and Feeding
  • Cuddles and Comfort
  • Daily Discovery
  • Active Play
  • Creative Expression
  • Story Time
  • Sounds of Music
  • Environment
  • Community