noun. The act or process through which something becomes different.

Just the mention of the word ‘change’ can cause rapid acceleration of the heart beat for some people.

I have been reflecting on change quite a bit lately, as Sentia embarks on a journey of change.  Our outdoor play spaces are undergoing a magnificent transformation this year and our childcare centre is scheduled for a rejuvenating ‘facelift’ later this year.  Here are some of my thoughts and insights:

The pace of change – I think the reason so many people panic about change is the fear of rapid change. If you think about it, the world around is changing constantly.  However, when given time to absorb each stage of change it really isn’t so scary after all.  At Sentia, we embrace the pace of change.  We allow time for children to move through their day at an unhurried pace.  The rest of the world is so frantic that we treasure our cruisy cocoon.

Leadership and change – as a people leader, I feel it is my role to prepare people for change.  Information is the key, and the more we know about what to expect at each stage, the less frightening it seems. I love this article and it certainly rings true:

Change resistance – some people just hate change, while others embrace it.  Take a moment to think about where you sit on this continuum.   Then think of another significant person in your life on the other end of this spectrum. It is important to know and respect these differences between us.  Empathy and understanding of people’s feelings throughout the process of change is often all that is needed to soften resistance and encourage teamwork.

Children and change – this is an interesting one.  I remember coming home with a new haircut when my sons were young.  They hated it.  They wouldn’t look at me.  Just like us, children need preparation and information. Here are some tips and tricks from the experts at the Raising Children Network: Children love being involved in the creative process of change.  The more they think it is their idea, the more readily they will embrace it.  Imagine how much my sons would have loved my new ‘do’ if I had let them give me that haircut!

As we enter this exciting new season at Sentia, let’s be gentle with each other.  Let’s communicate and talk about what’s happening.  Let’s slow down and allow people of embrace change at their own pace.  The more we work together, the less it will feel like change is happening to us.  With the right approach, we will create something wonderful together.

Angela Hunt

Centre Director

24 April 2019