EARLY PRE KINDER (2 - 3 years)

We have so much fun with singing sessions, story time, science, craft time, sand and water play. When your little one joins this room, they will have begun the process of walking. The shift becomes slightly more physical to allow the children the stimulation and challenges to explore their environment. We support and nurture their growing confidence as they move to greater independence, gently preparing them for their journey towards kinder. 

With a greater awareness of themselves and their peers, they are constantly learning to express their emotions and needs. Growing toddlers require help navigating boundaries in a safe and fun environment. We can support parents with potty training and our staff are with your child every step of the way.



Our days change to provide the older toddlers with a variety of child-led learning experiences. Meals and rest time are normally the same time each day, but our learning experiences are fed through the array of fun activities that we have during the course of the day. We love to have group mat sessions where we share experiences from our home and lives or we like to have stories. There are times where children want to experience things on their own and we certainly encourage them to take the lead.  

We provide a number of learning outlets that cover self-help skills, social skills, daily life skills, pretend play as well as introduce problem solving and investigation skills. You'll expect to see plenty of messy play activities with masterpieces to take home and display! We also begin to introduce educational play from counting, letters, primary colours and shapes. 

Outdoor play, as in all of our rooms, is high on the agenda so you’ll find us outside, no matter what Melbourne weather delivers!


Our days involve:

  • Sleepy Time
  • Nutritious Meals and Feeding
  • Story Time
  • Daily Discovery
  • Active Play


  • Creative Expression
  • Free play
  • Music
  • Our Environment
  • Our Community