Teaching Boundaries without Teaching Fear

It’s downright scary being a parent in today’s world.  Reports of predators abound and for many, fear for your children’s safety can be almost paralysing.

Most Early Learning Centres (including Sentia Early Learning), require all adults on the premises to hold a valid ‘Working with Children Check’. This is part of the Australian Government’s deliberate focus on ‘Child Safety Standards’.  We all play a part in keeping children safe, by identifying and responding to the very child at risk of abuse or neglect.  

So, how can parents prepare their young children for the world?  What information should parents teach them; how much is too much?  Our friends at the Royal Children’s Hospital offer some expert advice here.

The main thing is to open up the lines of communication.  Let your children know early on that they can talk to you about anything.  Give them the gift of positive self-esteem and confidence and they will be unstoppable!